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CMP Vintage Sniper Match

Purpose of Match: The spirit and intent of the Vintage Sniper Match is to provide modern target rifle competitions for competitors who use original or replica military sniper rifles dated 1953 or earlier.  This match is a two-person team event designed to replicate and test marksmanship skills similar to those employed by traditional military sniper teams.  Any rifle configuration or item of equipment that is not mentioned in these rules or that is contrary to the spirit and intent of these rules is prohibited.

Rules: CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Competitions Rules, 6.0 Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match will apply.  These rules can be read and/or downloaded on the CMP website, www.thecmp.org/competitions/cmp-competitions-rulebooks.  Click on 2020-2021 CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Competitions Rules, then page down to rule 6.0.

Course of Fire: The course of fire consists of five minutes for unlimited sighting shots and 10 record shots for each team member at 300 yards on the 300-yard highpower target and five minutes for unlimited sighter and 10 record shots for each team member at 600 yards on the 600-yard highpower target.  Each team fires a total of 40 shots for record.  The course of fire will be fired on electronic targets.  After the five-minute sighting period, the competitors will be given the command LOAD AND STANDBY.  Firers will then have 15 seconds for firing each round and 20 seconds for preparation.  Two minutes are allowed for firers and spotters to change roles and for the second team member to prepare to fire.  After one minute, 50 seconds, the LOAD AND STANDBY command for the second firer’s first shot is given.  See Rule 6.5 for a complete description of the course of fire.

Equipment: The rifle must be a manually operated or semi-automatic rifle of U. S. or foreign manufacture that was either an original military rifle issued for sniping in 1953 or earlier or a commercial replica rifle of the same type and caliper.  See CMP Rule 6.2 for a full description.

Only authorized sandbag rests (Rule 6.4.3) or slings (Rule 6.3.3) may be used.  No mechanical or adjustable rests, bipods, or rear rests or other means of support may be used.  Front bag rests may not provide a channel in which to rest the rifle.  Both the shooter and spotter may have their equipment on the team’s firing point during firing.

BRRC will provide sandbags for use during this match.

Ammunition: Competitors may use any safe ammunition.  Handloads are permitted.  No tracer, armor piercing, or incendiary-type ammunition or projectiles may be used. 

Bring your own safe ammo.  No ammo with ferrous metal cores is allowed.  Some .30-’06 ammunition may be available for use.  Contact cmp@brrc.org if you need .30-06 ammunition.

2022 Match Dates: Sunday, January 16, June 19, and October 16.

Start Time:   8:30 AM for squadding.  Match will start when all sign-ins and other preparation are complete. The goal is to start firing at 9:00 AM.

Entry Fee:  $10 except Active-Duty Military.  Non-BRRC members must also pay a guest fee of $10 except Active-Duty Military.  Anyone non-member who has paid the guest fee for the earlier GSVM match will not be assessed an additional guest fee.

Entry Process:  All entries must be made on the BRRC website.  Go to the event calendar, find and clink-on the Vintage Sniper Match, then follow the instructions for on-line entry.  You will be asked to provide your email address and phone number which will allow us to contact you if updated information.

There will be a limit of 20-teams in this inaugural Vintage Sniper Match at BRRC.

We will also allow some out-of-competition shooters who do not have a vintage rife suitable for use.  Please contact us at cmp@brrc.org with questions.

Sight-In Opportunity: For those competitors with a vintage rifle but without zeros for 300 and 600-yards, you are invited to participate in a coached sight-in clinic prior to the match.  The clinic will be conducted on the BRRC 100-yard range.  Once a 100-yard zero has been established, you will verify the appropriate ‘come-ups’ for 300 and 600-yards.  The clinic will be available from approximately 7:00 AM until the sign-in for the Vintage Sniper Match.

Age Restriction: 16 and older.

Liability Waiver:  Competitors must sign a BRRC waiver of liability before being allowed to compete.  Members will be required to complete the form once per calendar year.  Non-Members will need to sign a form for each match.  Waiver may be downloaded here, signed, and brought to match or may be signed at match. 

CMP Affidavit of Eligibility: Please note that a Notarized Copy of the CMP Affidavit of Eligibility must be on file for each participant. This is a "one time" requirement by the CMP. If you have an affidavit on file with BRRC, you do not need another. If you haven't submitted a notarized affidavit, then download the form here.

Contact Information: Visit our website at www.brrc.org.  You can also send an email to cmp@brrc.org.

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