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A sports club specializing in Highpower rifle training and competition. A California Non-Profit Corporation. Affiliated with CMP, NRA, CRPA.  Established in 1926..

CMP Garand Clinics and Matches

Overview:  The BRRC Garand introduction Clinic covers "known distance" rifle competition and will prepare you to participate in the Civilian Marksmanship Program's As-Issued Games matches as well as NRA Across-the-Course (XTC) matches.  The course concludes with a match.

Schedule: Clinics will be scheduled throughout the year, and please check Event Calendar.

What is Covered:  Clinic is taught by CMP Master instructor with additional coaching by active competitors.

  • The history and concepts behind the highpower rifle discipline.
  • The types tournaments and the various rifles used with an emphasis on introductory CMP Games type competitions.
  • Basic safety concepts and standard procedures and terms encountered during formal rifle tournaments.
  • Familiarization with range layout, the course of fire of a match, the targets used, proper scoring and the match procedures and range commands during a match.
  • Familiarization with the two main types of service rifles encountered, the U.S. Rifle M-1 Garand and the U.S Rifle M-16 series aka AR-15/M-4 platforms.
  • Handling skills for these rifles including bolt manipulation, trigger release, correct sight alignment, sight adjustment, establishing natural point of aim, breathing and trigger control, single load slow fire, rapid fire stage reload procedure for the M-1 Garand and the AR-15 including rifles with California bullet buttons, and more.
  • Building the prone and sitting shooting positions including the use of the U.S. military rifle sling.
  • Building the standing or offhand shooting position noting the differences in position specific to the M-1 Garand and the M-16/AR-15.

Course of Fire:  The CMP Clinic concludes with an As-Issued Military Rifle Course A match.  All shots will be fired on the standard US Army or NRA short-range reduced (SR-1) target with the X, 10, and 9 rings in black positioned at 100 yards.

  • Stage 1 - Up to five (5) sighting shots and ten (10) shots for record slow fire, prone position.  Fifteen (15) minute time limit.
  • Stage 2 - Ten (10) shots rapid prone (from standing) in a time limit of eighty (80) seconds.
  • Stage 3 - Ten (10) shots slow fire standing.  Ten (10) minute time limit.

    • Note: Official CMP scorecards will be used with scores reported to CMP.  Shooters will be eligible for medals if minimum scores are achieved. 

Rules:  CMP rules will apply.  All competitors must have eye and ear protection . A shooting coat is recommended.

Equipment:   Center-fire high power rifles that meet CMP and/or NRA rules.  Partial List.

Club M1 Garands are available to clinic participants for use during the clinic.
Indicate on the Pre-Registration Form if you'd like to use one.
Alternatively, the match may be shot using your own M1, M1A, Springfield 1903, Vintage Military or AR type rifle. If bringing an M1A, AR or Vintage, also bring appropriate ammunition.

Start Time:  Check Event Calendar.

Clinic Fee: The clinic is FREE.

Age Restriction: 16 and older.

Match Entry Fee: Match fee is $17.00 for non-members, $7.00 for BRRC members.
30-06 Ammunition for match only usage with BRRC Garand, cost is $20.00

This event may be limited to an enrollment of 10 only.

*Pre-Registration is required, and you can register at the website.

Match Cancellations: RAIN CANCELS!  This may include rain prior to match day, which may make the range dirt roads impassable.  IF THE DIRT ROAD TO THE RANGE IS WET, DO NOT DRIVE ON THE ROAD!  If there has been rain in the Castaic area (including the Los Angeles basin) during the week preceding the match, use the Contact Information below to verify that the match will be held, and to receive email announcements regarding range condition.  

Liability Waiver:  Competitors must sign a BRRC waiver of liability before being allowed to compete.  Members will be required to complete the form once per calendar year.  Non-Members will need to sign a form for each match.  Waiver may be downloaded, signed, and brought to match or may be signed at match. 

CMP Affidavit of Eligibility:  Please note that a Notarized Copy of the CMP Affidavit of Eligibility must be on file for each participant. This is a "one time" requirement by the CMP. If you have an affidavit on file with BRRC, you do not need another. If you haven't submitted a notarized affidavit, then download the form here.

Questions: Please email cmp@brrc.org

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