Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club

A sports club specializing in Highpower rifle training and competition. A California Non-Profit Corporation. Affiliated with CMP, NRA, CRPA.  Established in 1926..

CMP Garand/Springfield/Modern (GSM) - As-Issued Military Rifle Course A and Course B

Purpose of Match:   The purpose of these matches is to provide an opportunity for shooters to learn and practice rifle shooting techniques in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. This year we will be offering limited instruction prior to the beginning of the match.

2021 Match Dates:

            A-Course: Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 21, April 18, June 20, July 18, Aug 22, Oct 17, Nov 21

            B-Course: May 16, Sept 19

            No match in December.  A match is now scheduled for March since CMP Western Games were cancelled.

Courses of Fire:  All shots will be fired on the NRA short-range (SR) target with the X, 10, and 9 rings in black positioned at 200 yards.  ShotMarker electronic targets will be used for scoring.  Official CMP scorecards will be used with scores reported to CMP.  Shooters will be eligible for medals if minimum scores are achieved. 

A Course of Fire: (Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov)

·   Stage 1 - Up to five (5) sighting shots and ten (10) shots for record slow fire, prone position.  Fifteen (15) minute time limit.

·   Stage 2 - Ten (10) shots rapid prone (from standing) in a time limit of eighty (80) seconds.

·   Stage 3 - Ten (10) shots slow fire standing.  Ten (10) minute time limit.

B Course of Fire: (May, Sept)

·   Stage 1 - Up to five (5) sighting shots and twenty (20) shots for record slow fire, prone position.  Twenty-five (25) minute time limit.

·   Stage 2 - Ten (10) shots rapid prone (from standing) in a time limit of eighty (80) seconds.

·   Stage 3 - Ten (10) shots rapid sitting (from standing) in a time limit of seventy (70) seconds.

·   Stage 4 - Ten (10) shots slow fire standing.  Ten (10) minute time limit.

Rules:  CMP rules will apply.  This is a no-alibi match. Competitors are expected to ensure that their equipment is in good working order.

Equipment:   Center-fire high power rifles that meet CMP rules.

All competitors must have eye and ear protection.  We are now using electronically scored targets.  Competitors are required to perform scoring duties and need to bring a WiFi capable device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop).

Entrants are advised to bring drinking water and a snack.

Ammunition:  Bring your own safe ammo.  No ammo with ferrous metal cores is allowed.

Start Time:   7:30 AM for supervised practice and instruction. Match typically starts at 8:30 AM.

Entry Fee:  $10 except active-duty Military or juniors.  Non-BRRC members must also pay a guest fee of $10 except active-duty Military.

Entry Process:  All entries must be made on the BRRC website.  Go to the event calendar, find and click-on the match you wish to enter, then follow the instructions for on-line entry.  You will be asked to provide your email address and phone number which will allow us to contact you if there is a cancellation.

Awards:  CMP achievement pins will be awarded to competitors who fire qualifying scores with qualifying rifles.

Age Restriction: 16 and older.

Match Cancellations: Rain may cause cancellations.  If there has been rain in the Castaic area two or three days preceding the match, use the Contact Information below to verify that the match will be held.  Brush fires in the area or high-fire danger or high winds are also possible causes for match cancellation.

Liability Waiver:  Competitors must sign a BRRC waiver of liability before being allowed to compete.  Members will be required to complete the form once per calendar year.  Non-Members will need to sign a form for each match. 

CMP Affidavit of Eligibility: A notarized copy of the CMP Affidavit of Eligibility must be on file for each participant. This is a "one time" requirement by the CMP. If you have an affidavit on file with BRRC, you do not need another. The affidavits are available on the CMP website.

Contact Information: Visit our website at www.brrc.org.  You can also send an email to cmp@brrc.org.

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