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CMP M-1/M4 Carbine Match Information

Purpose of Match:  The purpose of these matches is to provide an opportunity shooters to learn and practice rifle shooting techniques. No instruction class will be offered at these matches although experienced coaches will be on the line to assist beginning shooters, if arranged in advance.  The M-1 carbine match is sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).  Participants using an as-issued M-1 Carbine will eligible for CMP Achievement pins. 

Course of Fire:  40 shots for record with up to 10 sighting shots.  Match will be shot on SR-1 target at a distance of 100 yards.

  • Stage 1 - Up to 10 sighting shots and 10 shots for record slow fire, prone position.  15 minute time limit.
  • Stage 2 - Ten shots rapid prone (from standing) with a reload in a time limit of 70 seconds. 
  • Stage 3 - Ten shots rapid sitting (from standing) with a reload in a time limit of 60 seconds.
  • Stage 4 - 10 shots slow fire standing.  10 minute time limit.
  • Note: Official CMP scorecards will be used with scores reported to CMP for those shooting eligible rifles.

Rules:  CMP rules will apply.  Competitors are expected to ensure that their equipment is in good working order.  All competitors must have eye and ear protection.  Competitors are required to perform scoring duties and to operate the targets in the pits for each other.

Equipment:   M-1 Carbine rifles, M-4 Carbine rifles, and other centerfire rifles.  Only those shooters using M-1 carbines will be eligible for achievement pins. 

Start Time:   12:00 pm for squadding.  Match typically starts at 12:30 pm.

Entry Fee*: Members - $7.  Non-members - $17.  Active Duty Military - FREE. 

*Note: If a participant paid for the morning GSM match the same day, entry for this event is waived.

Liability Waiver:  Competitors must sign a BRRC waiver of liability before being allowed to compete.  Members will be required to complete the form once per calendar year.  Non-Members will need to sign a form for each match.  Waiver may be downloaded, signed, and brought to match or may be signed at match. 

CMP Affidavit of Eligibility:   Please note that a Notarized Copy of the CMP Affidavit of Eligibility must be on file for each participant. This is a "one time" requirement by the CMP. If you have an affidavit on file with BRRC, you do not need another. If you haven't submitted a notarized affidavit, download the form here.

Questions: Please email cmp@brrc.org

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