Tactical Rifle Challenge
Fourth Saturday in February, May, August and November

Tactical Precision Rifle Match

PURPOSE OF MATCH: The purpose of these matches is to provide participants the opportunity to advance their mastery of the rifle.


Varies throughout the year. Includes,

  • Targets from 1/2 MOA and larger presentation.
  • Distance of fire from 100 to 1,000 yards including unknown distances.
  • Positions include offhand, sitting, prone with and without artificial support. Barricades and other unusual positions.
  • Time exposure targets.
  • Moving targets.
  • Individual and team competitions.
  • Tie breaker drills.
  • Occasional integration of pistol stages.
  • Walking and carrying equipment typically required.
  • All shooting is at unknown distances. Milling only. No laser rangefinders allowed.

This is a club match. Scores are not reported.

EQUIPMENT: Any highpower rifle with a distance measuring reticle equipped optical sight. People have shot this match with everything from AR-15's to 7mm Remington Magnums.

RULES: Whatever the match director's diabolical mind can come up with.

START TIME: Arrive at the range between 7:00 to 7:30am.

Limited competitor slots. This is an all day match.

Match Director: Gary Eliseo