BRRC Guest Policies
As enacted by the BRRC Board of Director's as of December 8, 2012.
Subject to additional clarification.

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Members are entitled to bring up to two guests in addition to immediate family members to the range at any one time without having to coordinate with the club. An immediate family member is the spouse or child of the member. Members are responsible for ensuring that all members of their party have read the Range Rules, signed the Waiver of Liability and adhere to the range rules during their visit. It is the responsibility of the member to check if any club events or range closures conflict with their visit plans.

Download and print Liability Waiver Forms.

Members who wish to bring more than two guests at any one time must coordinate with BRRC's Activities Chairman before bringing those guests to the range. Members should fill in a guest visit log on the BRRC Members Only portion of this site at least 48 hours prior to your visit. The system will generate a visit checkist for the member to manage the visit. Bring it with you to the range on the day of your visit. While the procedure is required for members bringing more than two guests, the club appreciates any member wishing to also make a visit log entry for 2 or fewer guests or even visits alone.

Note that bringing guests to the range is not discouraged. This is how we introduce new people to our sport. But the club wishes to keep track of the overall usage of the range and ensure that guests have safe and enjoyable visits. We are also trying to maintain awareness of the nature of activities that are of interest to members. A guest visit by a member without a log entry may be turned away. For more information, members should contact BRRC Vice-President and Activities Chairman Mr. Dennis Santiago at dsantiago@brrc,org or call his office at 310-676-3300.

If the member wishes to bring a group, say of co-workers or from another club they belong to, the request must be coordinated with the BRRC Activities Chairman prior to the visit. He will asses the nature of the request, determine available scheduling and if approved, inform the board and post it on the web site so that other members will not be caught unaware when they visit the range and find a large group occupying one or more of the ranges. There is no guarantee that a visit can be scheduled. In some circumstances the group may be required to show proof of insurance with BRRC and Paradise Ranch Estates MHP named as an additional insured.

A member who wishes to bring an outside group to the range for the purpose of a conducting a competition or for group instruction must receive prior permission from the BRRC Activities Chairman. All requests must also be approved by the BRRC Board of Directors.

A request must be accompanied by a draft action plan of the proposed activity for consideration. There is no guarantee of approval. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approval is solely at the arbitrary discretion of BRRC.

An approved activity must be posted on the club's web site at least one week in advance of the activity. In this case, proof of insurance is mandatory with BRRC and Paradise Ranch Estates MHP named as an additional insured.

It is also desirable that BRRC club members be allowed to participate and that a club officer or director be present to act as the Chief Range Safety Officer overseeing the activity.

Please contact BRRC Activities Chairman Dennis Santiago by telephone at 310-676-3300 for all inquiries.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BRRC range open to the public?

No we are not. BRRC's facilities are for the use of members and their guests. We are not a commercial business and --unlike commercial ranges -- are without the resources to host an open to the general public shooting facility.

The club does host training clinics and competitions that are open to any participant. Our competitions, such as our program of the monthly NRA Approved matches and CMP Sanctioned clinics and matches, are open to non-members. We also offer other training opportunities that are open to the public.

Can the BRRC range be used for a member's personal commercial for-profit activities?

No. The use of the range by members is limited to recreational activities only. It is against club policy for a member to use the range for personal for-profit purposes.

What are the responsibilities of a member bringing guests?

In all cases when bringing a guest, the sponsoring member must ensure that all the guests have read the Range Rules, signed the Waiver of Liability and adhere to the range rules during their visit.

The sponsoring member is also to be the Range Safety Officer supervising their guests. This includes responsibility to ensure,

  • Regardless of any other activity at the range, each member shall conduct a safety briefing for all guests prior to commencing shooting.
  • The member is responsible for ensuring that proper firearms safety procedures are followed by their guests at all times.
  • The member shall personally inspect that each guest's firearms are unloaded and safe except while in use at a firing point.
  • The member is responsible for ensuring that no firearms are handled at any time any person is forward of the firing line on the range they are using.
  • The member shall ensure that all shooting is aimed at BRRC designated impact areas only. These are the areas directly behind the target areas on each range when viewed from a designated firing point. Firing ranges are carefully surveyed venues. Shooting in ad hoc directions is a violation of range safety policy and may send live fire in an unsafe directions affecting neighboring areas.
  • A member bringing guests is responsibie that eye and ear protection is provided for and used by all guests. It is BRRC policy that persons under 18 MUST have eye and ear protection while in the vicinity of a firing line.
  • For large group activities, it is also highly desirable that the member recruit other members to assist as Range Safety Officers to ensure that all the range rules are being followed. At the minimum, the should be one Range Safety Office familiar with BRRC's Range Rules supervising guests at each range where firing is taking place.

What are thre guest fees and what is my responsibility?

Guest fees at $8.00 per guest per day. The sponsoring member is financially responsible for collecting the guest fees and forwarding it to the Club’s P.O. Box or giving it to an officer or director. The fees must be accompanied by a signed Waiver for each guest for that visit.

Can my group have exclusive occupation of a portion of the range?

No. It is club policy that casual visits by members with or without guests to the range is a shared use recreational activity where all members share common use of the range. It is against club policy for a member to preclude another member from making use of those parts of the facility open for recreational use on given day.

Only official club events as designated through the BRRC Activities Chairman may be given sole use of a portion of the club's faciities. These will generally be club related competition, training or other special events. BRRC's official events are choreographed and deconflicted so as to minimize impact on recreational use by club members to the extent possible. Notices of club events are published on the website.